Attention: Resellers

We want your help!  Large bids are highly competitive, and generally go to large, direct suppliers like us, but we still want your help!  We'll pay you!  Simply send us the bid request.  We'll submit a competitive bid that could actually win.  If we secure the bid, we will pay you 5% referral on every order of the bid.  (excludes Set-ups or S&H.)   

In over 15 years of doing what we do, we have had many dozens of requests to bid very large projects for resellers.  By the time those resellers add their mark-up, the bid is no longer competitive.  We have never, not once, had a reseller be successful in a large bid.  We are confident our pricing would have won many of these same bids.  So, we've implemented this program.

We do medals, lapel pins, coins, silicone wristbands, neck ribbons, lanyards & patches.  We don't do Acrylic Awards, Plaques, Trophies or Ribbons.  When we secure bids, we will recommend referral partners for the type of work they specialize in.

When we focus on what we are best at doing, we can secure the business and provide the best value and highest quality product to our customers! 

  1. No Risk

  2. Actual Success Possibility

  3. No Responsibility

  4. Residual  Income

  5. Potential for extra work

To Participate, simply send us (or call to discuss) who is seeking the bid.  You can be vague if you prefer.  "It's an Indiana running club."  We'll let you know right away if we have that bid or not.  If not, you get the credit!  We'll verify via email, then you can send us the bid.  We'll take it from there.  If we win the bid, you get paid... often over and over.